Sunday, June 24, 2012


New pattern! Been a while, and I'm very sorry. I'm not really much of a designer, I mostly tweak other patterns to fit my style. Been debating on posting this for a while, hoping to get the hat and mug cozy finished first but they went into UFO limbo for a bit and it's depressing digging through that. As for all these patterns, feel free to make them as gifts, but please don't charge for them or claim them as your own design.

This is designed to be worn across the chest so the strap lies on the shoulder and the pouch sits on the opposite hip. Holds your immediate essentials like a cellphone, cash, and lip balm for those trips when a bulky purse really isnt desirable (like concerts, craft fairs, or regular fairs)

You will need:
  • size 8 dpn (set of 4)
  • Red Heart Supersaver (one skein makes more than one pouchie)
  • small button (maybe half an inch? never measured, just matched them to the yarn from my stash)
  • sewing needle and thread for button
  • darning needle or crochet hook for weaving in ends and attaching strap
My gage was the 17/23 listed on the ball band, but yours may vary. It isnt critical to this project, but it shouldnt be terribly loose. This does have a bit of stretch to it, so account for some give.

Cast on 30 sts, and divide onto needles (10 on each), keeping a long tail for sewing up the bottom later.
Work in the round for 6".
At the beginning of the next row, bind off 15 stitches.

Flap: working on 2 dps back and forth

Work the remaining 15 sts in st st, making sure to work the first 2 and last 2 stitches of each row in garter (prevents curling).
Work for 2" from the bind off.

RS row: k7, yo, k2tog, k to end of row
Next row: k (garter edge)
Weave in flap ends

Use the long cast on tail to sew the bottom together (I used a fake grafting to sew mine, adds that little bit more support)

Cast on 3 stitches, leaving a tail for attaching
Work in i-cord for 48" stretched, or for however long you wish. Make sure you account for stretching! The weight of your phone and goodies will pull the icord longer than you made it. To make mine, I kept stretching it around a wooden ruler, make measuring easy too.
Bind off, leaving a tail for sewing.

Using the tails, attach the icord to either side of the flap, to the bound off stitches not the flap itself. Weave in ends,

Sew on your button, add a motif if desired (one that stretches 15sts by 15 sts fits best, I have some drawn up. Soon as I figure out how to plot them, I'll start posting :) )

Show off your pouchie!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rain, rain, go away...on second thought, stay a while.

June 3rd. Monday (still may) was hot, sunny, and we were all breaking in flip flops. Sunday (now June), pouring rain, wrapping in blankets, and drinking hot chocolate to warm up. Insanity. But at least we have the rain and the nice weather for Memorial Day. Lots of people got their gardens in, planted flowers, we made our annual cemetary run. The last one nailed me with a tick in my leg (oh the joys). Ever wanna scare yourself, research Lyme Disease and tick bites. It was a rotten deer tick too, I've had dog ticks bite me but this is a bit more serious. Everythings looking fine, obviously red but it's not getting worse just..there. Along with black fly bites which take FOREVER to heal. Heard a neat trick for those though, clear nailpolish. The air is what makes the itch reaction so no air no itch. Meanwhile, I'm using my Aveeno anti itch stuff. Highly recommend it for anyone with kids, no stinging, stinking, and no itch. Back to the rain and the fact that its cold and sucky. Stick around rain, means no annoying children running rampant in the parking lot. Not to mention, end of hard yellowed grass and hopefully means we get grass instead of that sickly green seed/fertilizer we have now. I've avoided the forcast, worried it will put a damper on my week planning (ha, like I plan anything!). National Running Day is June 6th and to promote healthier habits, the school is having the kids run. Parents invited. Me + running = pain and painful to watch, but I love my kid enough that I'm going to try. Eep. Friday will be the Family Fun Night (pack a lot into the last month of school don't they?) so there's a reward for good behavior on both our parts. I need to start buckling down and get serious about my weight and my diet. I've developed a pattern and its not good at all. I'm starting with soda vs water intake. Bottle of water when I get up instead of can o'soder (except this morning, alternated). Eating breakfast foods early instead of grabbing a handful of something salty (like chips) or whatevers leftover in the fridge at 9 30, 10. Lunch when I'm hungry, not because it's noon. Dinner at a decent hour, not right before bedtime. Cut soda intake down from umpteen million to two cans (still sounds like a lot but thats a huge cut for me). I'm even keeping a mental food diary, it's hard not to cheat though. I keep "forgetting" i ate a fun size candy, or cheese and crackers. But theres a certain amount of effort in writting it down that keeps me from doing it, that and the worry of someone finding it. I don't count calories, fat, or anything of the sort, just what I eat. This cruddy weather really isn't instilling any fasting thoughts so I'm distracting myself with rotten facebook games. Carry on lovlies!