Friday, February 28, 2014

Now what do I do?

I love getting new yarn. It's like a shoe addict getting a new pair of boots. I went slightly wild and indulged myself at Michael's (there was a sale, that's my only excuse). Nothing major, but a few here and there of things that I grabbed just because they looked pretty. Then I got home, squished them and studied the shades. And now they are all in a large tote bag, waiting to be used. Haven't seen the light of day in about 4 days. In fact, the yarn I bought today is getting researched now for projects over the others. This is how stashes grow, you pick something on a whim then it sits. I had high hopes that I could immediately start on something using such cheery yarn, but that thought blew away with a blast of cold wind when I stepped outside. Plus remembering the projects and obligations that still awaited me. My current projects are kind of stalled, just languishing in bags of their own or taking up residence on the coffee table. New needles aren't even tempting me, and I even got my hands on some interchangeable circs.

Part of the problem is one of the yarns. Gala Mixed Fiber, if you've ever shopped at Big Lots you've seen it. $1 a ball, excellent deal for some mystery yarns especially the fingering weight. Ball band gives you diddly to work with, just a suspected fiber content. Its black, loose spun, and has sequins. Nothing to search for because so few people link their projects to the yarn. It's roughly classified under "novelty" but if you've ever looked at the stuff, you know how ridiculous it is. Not that its the fault of anyone who made the page, they did the best with what they had. Projects made from the yarn is how I find most of my ideas, so many people take a pattern and just go with it, it's kind of amazing. Especially when you don't know if you want to make a hat, a bag, or boot toppers. Do I want to make it for me? Do I want it for a gift stash project? Could this be suitable for any local charities? This is what viewing the projects helps me with.

Side note, new needles. Amazon, awesome deal on some bamboo dps. 15 sizes, 5 needles in each set for less than $15. Plus the interchangeable set. I had my heart set on some Harmony ones from Knit Picks, but I really didn't need size 2 tips. So I settled for a set by Knitters Pride. sizes 6-11, my most commonly used sizes. I read the reviews for both, some loved them some hated them. I'm cautiously optimistic.

Back to the yarn (and paragraphs!), I also grabbed some Loops & Threads Charisma (bulky) and Impeccable (worsted). The bulky I had plans for, earflap hats. I made a Thorpe first, but it turned out HUGE. Like fit my giant headed husband huge. So now I'm at square one for an earflap hat in bulky if the next size down doesnt work out. I also nabbed some Red Heart Soft, I have plans to make a couple of Antler Scarves (not a link to the pattern, just to rav page). I've made one before for a friends bf and she wants one for herself. It's hard to find a "manly" scarf, even with a slight sheen I think it will turn out ok. Not going to lie, it was a tedious knit with all those cable rows, but it was worth it.

In the end, I sit here and scroll. Also, I avoid those other looming projects (seaming! we hates it, my precious..), but mostly I scheme. Easter will be here before you know it, I do have some baskets that need goodies. Plus there is some stunning Cascade lurking in my stash, be a shame to let it go to waste and there was that b.x. slouch I needed to remake (someone swiped the first one once she saw it on instagram). Oh, I'd need matching mitts for that, and there are those Woodcutter's Daughter mittens I have planned..

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Finding my Zen, and if that fails? Find my wineglass

My knitting has been roped back into submission. While it isn't completely without hiccups, it's back to the level of surly I've come to expect. I finished this:

Just in time to be early for Easter. This is kind of my fallback pattern now, I've done my altering and can whip through it with minimal fuss. I still might fuss with the pattern, but for now? It works. The smock top is behaving itself, I finally got myself together enough to figure out the correct stitches to make it work. And I've been finding some cute new things to pin on pinterest that I probably will never have time to make. I've also been putting of knitting a ton of other things that should eventually be done. Maybe once this blasted shirt is finished.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Knitting Makes Me Stabby

Of all things on a knitting blog to write, but it's true. The last few days, everything I try to pick up and do? Frogged. Doll dress? Gone. Shirt? Zip. Shawl for the stupid doll? Cast on 3 times. And it wasn't the designs fault, it was my own error. I made a wee micro preemie kimono, adorable little thing. Botched the shaping, but luckily it was able to be made as a decorative oops. I was trying to work with two patterns to make them work a bit more for me. I hate stockinette on straight needles unless I absolutely have to, and if I have to do about 4" of it? Bring on the circs. But for the life of me, I couldn't get my decreases to work out and get the eyelets to work out. Why? Because I forgot to calculate for both the FRONT AND BACK of the stupid shirt. Yep, I was trying to make the one side be the entire thing. Go me. Why all this frustration? Because my hellspawn is spoiled. Clarice the ridiculously expensive doll needs a wardrobe. I made two dresses, but I had other patterns just kind of sitting there. Bug loved the phoenix dress I made, but that really wasn't something suitable for easter wear. Of COURSE I opened my mouth and asked if she'd like a new outfit for then (we dress up for the family gathering). Of  COURSE we want a new dress! And why be under accessorized, we need a capelet because april is chilly. And OF FREAKING COURSE I had to come up with something to put in the basket. One of her favourite movies is Kiki's Delivery Service. Why not make her doll a Kiki costume? How hard could a black dress and red hair ribbon be? But then you need Jiji, a broom, and SHOES. I'm just going to have to buy the stupid shoes, those pinterest tutorials make me want to pull out my hair. I'm not a sewing person. I think I have my patterns in mind to make the required outfit, just have to make it all on the sly. Ideally, I'd like to make some hand mitts for my nieces baskets (who doesnt need fingerless gloves?), but I need to decide on a pattern and start NOW. Otherwise, I'll be up till 3am weaving in ends (like I was christmas eve). So how about you, any holiday knits you're starting? Or is everyone still recovering from making winter warmth from the polar vortexes?