Thursday, February 13, 2014

Finding my Zen, and if that fails? Find my wineglass

My knitting has been roped back into submission. While it isn't completely without hiccups, it's back to the level of surly I've come to expect. I finished this:

Just in time to be early for Easter. This is kind of my fallback pattern now, I've done my altering and can whip through it with minimal fuss. I still might fuss with the pattern, but for now? It works. The smock top is behaving itself, I finally got myself together enough to figure out the correct stitches to make it work. And I've been finding some cute new things to pin on pinterest that I probably will never have time to make. I've also been putting of knitting a ton of other things that should eventually be done. Maybe once this blasted shirt is finished.

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