Sunday, January 30, 2011


I usually type these up on my laptop (this one is no different) and post them so they will come in spurts. Most of it is random venting or babbling, depending on your point of view. I have a knitting to do list a mile long, a house that needs attention and laundry that is threatening to take over my kitchen. But here I sit instead, typing next to my hubby who is playing WoW before work (we all have our vices). Honestly I just need to de stress. I sit and look at all that needs doing and everything thats going on and I start to get overwhelmed. Lot going on so it happens fairly easy. I don't like to whine and moan in public, which is precisely what I'm doing, but some days you gotta dance. I'm mulling over my next knitting project as well, a friend requested fingerless mitts for work so that might be next on my agenda. I want to make shorter versions of ysolda's lace up opera gloves, but that involves picking apart the pattern to figure out necessary increases and whatnot. So I'll either make some on a whim pulling a pattern out of thin air, or play with  one thats currently out there. In the meantime, I need to get myself in gear picking up the little toys that my daughter so enjoys (and that make the biggest mess). And attack my table to find my grey yarn. If it turns out at all decently, I'll post results.

When World Collide

Out of all the species on the world, humans are the most violent. We attack unprovoked, kill without reason, and force other species to adapt to our whims. We are considered the intelligent species of the world. Yet we assume that ultra refined aliens, smarter than us by far, will be peaceful vegetarians. I think we have proven to each other that intelligence does not mean wise. Look at the scientists who dreamed up nuclear energy, advanced weaponry, and biological warfare. Some of the smartest people in the world don't have your best interests at heart, and they share the very same base dna as you. Why would someone from another galaxy care to take care of us when we have shown no inclination to take care of ourselves? Our appetites for meat have increased, how many billion pounds of pork, beef, chicken and other exotic flesh are eaten every year? Every day? Some lions don't eat as much. So these otherworldly creatures would share a dietary oddity? How many people thing, believe, even hope that someone will decend from the heavens and take away all our worries, cares, and make things wonderful for all? One mans heaven is anothers hell. Pet dander sufferers put along with cat fanciers? That makes about as much sense as putting a falcon club next to a toy poodle sanctuary. Humans don't want to take responsability for their own actions, for their own lives for that matter. Yet the expect someone else to do it for them. Why parents will always remain parents. Part of them wants them to grow, the rest wants them to keep coming back. Yet how much blame would cosmic parents get? We blame Obama for not moving fast enough to change things, yet nobody who is in a seat of power really wants change, and is doing everything they can to stop it. Yet he gets the blame in the media. If some alien being came down to repair all the stupidity we've amassed, wouldnt we grow to resent them? Doing something for "their own good" doesn't sit well with children and adults alike. Look how many lawbreaking people there are now, that resent laws and law enforcement with equal hatred. People blindly believe that someone so advanced would have found a way to erase such resentment, like in Star Trek. But wouldnt they be coming here with their own agenda? Why would it benefit us? It's a nice thought that there is someone preparing to take care of us, just packing their carpet bag and prepping an umbrella Mary Poppins style. But you'd have to be a smallminded fool not to take Star Wars advances in mind, not all of us are friendly, why should they be?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

First Blog!

Yay I've finally found a new blog site! I was using myspace but anyone who has been on there in the last few months knows why I've been avoiding it like the bubonic plague. My sister started a blog for herself and I figured I'd check out what she was using and started to have a go myself. I love ranting and raving, especially about yarn and life, and facebook really isn't the place to air them (too uptight). So here I am, and hopefully I will be updating with something slightly more interesting than random babble.