Monday, October 8, 2012

Squishy Mug Hug

Not to be confused with my cup cozy, this little squishy piece of knitting is made for your fav handled mug. Uses those odd ends of bulky weight yarn (the kind thats almost super bulky, not the heavier aran weight ones) and one funky button. We all have odd buttons, that one that was too pretty not to buy, but too pricey to buy an entire set of them. Or you might have re purposed them from that beat up blazer thats too worn for even donating. I've snagged some very nice buttons that way, even some from old coats. I had this ball of mystery yarn lurking in my stash for some time, no label, wound into a ball, thrift store buy. It mocked me forever, finally made a toddler hat out of it and had leftovers. Hated the idea of not using it, had yet to make a mug hug for myself, and voila an idea was born! This is easily adjustable to what you need for width, I like one wide enough to cup the mug in my hands painlessly. You may prefer just something to soak dribbles from the brim (it happens, not quite awake and that first cup of coffee).

bright and cheery, the red kind of dominates the pictures but it isn't that bad in real life

Now, I'm not sure what kind of yarn this is. It's either Loops & Threads Charisma or Deborah Norville Serenity Chunky. But any yarn of that comparable weight will work just fine. 
also needed:
  • size 11 (8mm) straight needles
  • one button (larger decorative, size depends on whats left over. you'll see don't rush me)
  • matching thread or embroidery floss and needle for attaching button
Cast on 7sts (this depends on how wide you want your hug to be. Make sure it's an uneven number)
Row 1: K1, p1, rep to end of row, ending with a k1
Repeat row 1 til desired length has been reached. Now this should be the hug stretched around the mug itself, you want it nice and snug fitting. Once it reaches the perfect length, bind off in pattern. 

Button tie: 
This is where the creative part begins, you may only have a few inches of yarn left, thats plenty! What you do is draw the yarn through the edge of the mug hug, in the middle. Nobody likes an uncentered button. Don't pull it all the way through, thread it back through the other side of the stitch so both raw ends are on the wrong side of your hug. Knot the ends together, resulting in a loop large enough to accommodate you're chosen button. If not, might have to dig through the stash again, I did. Tada, matching loop for your mug hug!

see? nobody can tell you didn't icord, crochet a chain, or do any of that yarn wasting stuff

also can double as a large cuff bracelet