Thursday, May 26, 2011


Finally, pic of new car! This is Lilu:

It's a '99 VW Passat, got it from a gi wife who luckily got us to buy it. Woman was far too trusting, so I'm glad she wasn't ripped off. She and her husband know nada about cars except how to drive them and to fill up the tank. When we handed her the money she never even counted it, no joke. It's a huge step up from our old car. That poor thing really needed it's rest, we kept it going as long as we really could. But meet Lilu (yes like from 5th element, the key is the multipass!)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pitties For Pres

I'm going to hop right on a very controversial subject: pit bulls. Now I love dogs, and with all the news these poor doggies have been getting I figure I can get my 2 cents in on it. I don't have a personal problem with them. I know people are afraid because they can be aggressive. So can lots of breeds. My mothers blue heiler was supposively a not-for-kids dog, You know how much sand he had dumped on his head by small children in a lifetime? How many times he was sat on, stepped on, tripped over and pulled? So I'm not being dismissive of breed, its how they are raised. Pitties need a firm hand, so do lots of other breeds. But they've been getting the press so they are who I'm choosing. I said I have no problem with the breed, what I have a problem with are the individuals and the individuals raising them. Around here, it's the ghetto. I admit it. But do we really need these jerks who crave to belong to a thug gang hanging around? Losers with no job, multiple kids by multiple women (no joke one guy has 14 at last count), and no fashion sense. Pants sagging around your knees do not make me think your sexy, they make me think you can't read the # on the pant sizing chart. These jackasses have pit bulls and raise them to be aggressive. They WANT to strut around this neighborhood with every little kid wanting to pet every dog in sight when they have one they need to strain to hold onto. Do I blame the dogs? No, it's not their fault they have an idiot for an owner. I blame the stereotypical fucksticks who think they need that dog to protect their dope from some other loser that they ripped off who stole the drug money from a baby momma. And before anyone says I'm being racist (I haven't once mentioned race, losers come in all shapes forms and colours here), or a bigot, or a downright jerk, hear this: you don't live here. You arent trying to raise children here. You aren't here day in, day out listening to what is said and having to worry if your flower pots will disappear in the night. Why am I here? Because I have no other option right now. I'm not asking for a pity me, I'm asking you to accept that I am not being a holier-than-thou person. I'm being me, and I'm being honest. These are the people with pit bulls that I dislike. I hate the attitudes they force into these poor animals from such a young age. One was racing and tearing around the yard with 3 little boys today. Beautiful pure white female. I sat there watching them all be kids together, and hating the fact that she might grow up to bite kids who try to have fun like that with her. Simply because someone thought thats how she should act because its a symbol. It might not happen that way, for her sake I can only hope. Flopped out on the grass, rolled over for her tummy rubbing because she was tuckered out. That sacraficed for an image? No animal should be subjected to that. Don't presume I'm a PETA fan, never wear fur eat meat etc. I wear fur, I eat meat and I sleep at night. Fur is because when it's below freezing (hell below zero) and you're outside for another half an hour at the least waiting for a dog team to come in, you dress for warmth. Fur is warm and the hide is durable. Meat? Not always a fan but right now I'll chow into a bowl of stew with the best of them. Venison jerky is great (if mom makes it). But I don't own (nor do I want) a full fur coat. I don't want half a cow in my freezer (and the other half already digested). I'm a redneck, cow shit doesnt bother me, shooting at squirrels/deer/rabbits/coyotes/woodchucks/etc doesn't make me gasp in horror, and I will walk barefoot willingly. And because it was hilarious, Pitties for Titties was a breast cancer support team from Bruised not Broken  which is something I'm a fb fan of. Cracked me up so I'm sharing it with you all. All 7 followers (which may change, but I'm thrilled to have any followers so thank you all!)

Want some snark in your soup?

This blog isn't for everyone. If you're a pearl clutcher, easily offended, or report people obsessively then please leave it be. I love this bitch, I would hug her to squeezy pieces if I ever met her.

Seriously, I giggle, snort, laugh and roar laughter over her posts. Why? Because she is just like me. She says the things all of us really want to say but are afraid to. You know, the things you want to give voice to but don't want to air for fear of the book clubs look of disgust. She says that and more. She is also on facebook and twitter. Without her, I wouldn't have been able to follow so many more awesome people on blogger. Her post to comment your blog and a description?  Follow, follow, follow..sweet.. Thank you for all the awesomeness that is you. And for choosing a great way to deal with the non routine routine of kids.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Swimming on Tides of Shame

It's swim suit season! Now normally like 75% of women and 95% of moms those words make me cringe and reach for the muumuu. Not this year. I found not only one, but two suits that fit (not in a size that I like to advertise, but they run small). Granted they are in awful floral prints. Why anyone over a size 6 should be seen in flowers the size of a grapefruit is beyond me. But anyways they fit and because I got them at one of the local thrift stores (with tags and sanitary sticker still on),  they were a steal. Like $50 worth of suits for under $5. That alone is enough to get me to wear it, but it gets better. I got a coverup with giant pockets for a quarter. That is actually long enough. Thrilled beyond what I should be considering what I actually look like but you know what, who cares. I'm getting in to help my Bug swim. Ohhh on other awesome news we got a new car! Ok, not new new but new to us. I wanna drive it!! :D I'll post pics of our new Lilu car

Tis the season

It's prom time for so many highschoolers. Some in my family, and I'm sure some in your circles. I've been browsing pictures of a friends daughter and I remember all the fun there was. Picking the dress, spending hours on the hair, finding just the right shoes and purse. Sometimes I miss highschool. Seeing all those people day after day, you think they'd be around forever. Honestly, if it wasnt for facebook, I wouldn't know where to find most of them. There were a lot of bad times, some of mine worse than usual because of my religious views. Prom was one of those times it really didn't matter. Our school you didn't need to have a date and two girls could buy a couples ticket without raising eyebrows (cheaper). The decorations were always torn down by the end of the night and sometimes it was hard to find your shoes at the end of the night. But for those first few hours every girl looked like princesses and all the boys cleaned up nice (lets not give them swelled egos). It was just one of those memories that everyone should have. There really isn't all that much of a point to this blog, just a short side path on memory lane.