Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tis the season

It's prom time for so many highschoolers. Some in my family, and I'm sure some in your circles. I've been browsing pictures of a friends daughter and I remember all the fun there was. Picking the dress, spending hours on the hair, finding just the right shoes and purse. Sometimes I miss highschool. Seeing all those people day after day, you think they'd be around forever. Honestly, if it wasnt for facebook, I wouldn't know where to find most of them. There were a lot of bad times, some of mine worse than usual because of my religious views. Prom was one of those times it really didn't matter. Our school you didn't need to have a date and two girls could buy a couples ticket without raising eyebrows (cheaper). The decorations were always torn down by the end of the night and sometimes it was hard to find your shoes at the end of the night. But for those first few hours every girl looked like princesses and all the boys cleaned up nice (lets not give them swelled egos). It was just one of those memories that everyone should have. There really isn't all that much of a point to this blog, just a short side path on memory lane.

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