Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cruising Ravelry

For whatever reason, the queue on my Ravelry is a black hole for projects. I put something I really want to make there and it falls through. Even if it's something easy peasy to make, nope. Zip. It makes me depressed to look in there, and it make me wonder about patterns of mine that have wound up in queue. Are they dead in the water as well? Lately I've been keeping patterns on a project start basis, and so far pretty good. The odd few that had to be frogged (and haven't been restarted). Another is the favourite patterns. I get a little thrill everytime something I made was given another heart. I only just figured out how to view them (not that I'm nosey, which I am but that wasn't why I was curious) and couldnt be more pleased that I wound up with 2 full pages. Some, I'm sure have 30+ but you know what? I'm easy to please. The only other thing I'm curious about is the friending. Is it strange to friend someone you don't know, like an author or someone who's patterns you absolutely adore? And why don't more people rate the patterns and yarn choices? It makes for a better review in my opinion, I try to do it for every one I finish. My notes tend to be a tad too descriptive too..but then again, that is the point, yes?

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