Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Second Look at Yarn

Finally making a hat for Dan. Using the Tricolored Stocking Cap pattern from Hip To Knit (yeah, I didn't make the title mkay?), I started out yesterday dreading the venture. Which really wasn't fair, it wasn't the patterns fault I made the first with cotton blend. Heavy, droopy, saggy, cotton blend that took forever to finish. Hubs loved that hat, claimed it immediately and is still wearing it. Dan wanted one too, so after looking at the original and finding yarn that actually works WITH the pattern, I cast on. All 128 sts in damn dk weight yarn. Knit Picks Swish DK to be precise. When they showed up in the mail, I was disappointed. I'd heard it was soft (for wool) but the balls were a bit rough, not something I'd use for baby projects like some had. Too late to turn, I kept going. Imagine my shock when I got a few inches of ribbing in (the massive amount of ribbing make you want to stab it but it's worth it) how the yarn became different. It was actually soft, you could still feel it was wool but it was an improvement to be sure. Now I'm running into a different worry, running out. You need 5" of the first colour and Adding up the amounts needed, 3 different balls should have had enough yardage. With 2" left to go, I'm starting to doubt I'll get there. It isnt a big deal, I just make up the difference with the other colour but its the principal of the matter. And the fact that Hubs deserves a decent replacement and I'd like to use the same kind of yarn. My other projects are on hiatus at the moment till I crank this out (seeing as its waaaaay overdue) so I'm trying to rush this. Tomorrow is the start of another busy week however, lets see what I can get done >.<

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Urk in Progress

I have this yarn that came with a bunch of others in a bag from the thrift store. 2 balls worth and it's been lurking in my shash for years now. Its called Bernat Galaxy (thankfully discontinued) and it looks like something an animal yucked up. I'm scrolling through Ravelry (what would I do without you?) for project ideas and a lot of people agreed with me. Its not that soft, it has clumps of ..stuff cropping up every so often that makes for a pain in the keister if you stick a needle in the middle of it, and did I mention it looks like upchuck? See for yourself, not my picture but its the same colourway:

Does that not look like something you'd step on in the middle of the night?

Anyways, the other projects all included scarves, shawls, hats, slippers, even a few sweaters (one for a disgruntled looking cat). Only one was in my colourway and yep, it still looked awful. Some of the others looked better, like a lint trap after drying a load of clown costumes. But I was stuck with my vomit. I refused to give up on it, that would have been admitting defeat and I'm pig headed sometimes. I tried blending it with anything I could and it just made it worse. So I'm going with basic black. So far? Not too bad, although grey might work better. I'm using Bernat Softee Chunky (yes, only a bulky with a super bulky but hush you) as my alternate yarn to tone down the heave tastic shading. I figured there are others with an odd ball or two hidden deep within their stash depths just waiting for the chance to get them used and out the door (preferably with some unsuspecting giftee) so I'll be posting it as soon as its finished. Obviously you can substitute a non icky yarn in place of that affront to a decent brand, but then it wouldnt be an Urk would it? Maybe we can call pretty ones Ack instead. I'll test a better one to compare. Please excuse all the terms for regurgitation in this post, I couldnt resist.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pass the wine and earplugs please..

"Mid Winter Recess" What a joke that is, we haven't had enough snow to say so. And now you're sticking us with our children for a week? Great..maybe you'll disinfect the school while youre at it. No snow and warmer than average temperatures every other day means perpetual colds for all. I've Lysoled everything that stays still, disinfected every light switch and handle, bleached whatever I could in the laundry and it still lingers. But not having to prep the kid for school and no drop offs/pick ups mean more time for knitting right? Wrong, means time to declutter. I already destashed a bit, the yarn out is all for intended projects (otherwise it goes right back to the closet or the to-go bag), and its all contained..across the room anyways. Now onto tables. Thats my weakness, if it has a flat surface EVERYTHING gets piled onto it, I don't think Ive seen the coffee table in months. Last I saw the diningroom table, it had a puzzle that was put away for the computer (that I'm on right now), and the side tables are loaded with books and dust catchers. Then I keep coming home with more crap. Why? Because the thrift store is full of enablers. I so much as look at something for more than 2 seconds they try and sell it to me. Luckily, a bunch left this weekend (goodies for mumsie) but otherwise, I'm stuck with 3 bags left to go back. And what am I doing now? Wasting my day online, it sucks you in. Webcomics and Ravelry are my biggest downfalls, what are yours? What makes you sit on your bum all day and stare at the screen? Ugh..on the knitting front, finally got the yarn ordered and delivered for a hat requested months ago. Problem? Knit Picks didnt have red. Plain red. So I substituted with something that looked close enough. Get it here and its not. Luckily, the red only takes up a small part of the top so I have time to replace it! Now if I could just find the needles..which I think are in another hat...