Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pass the wine and earplugs please..

"Mid Winter Recess" What a joke that is, we haven't had enough snow to say so. And now you're sticking us with our children for a week? Great..maybe you'll disinfect the school while youre at it. No snow and warmer than average temperatures every other day means perpetual colds for all. I've Lysoled everything that stays still, disinfected every light switch and handle, bleached whatever I could in the laundry and it still lingers. But not having to prep the kid for school and no drop offs/pick ups mean more time for knitting right? Wrong, means time to declutter. I already destashed a bit, the yarn out is all for intended projects (otherwise it goes right back to the closet or the to-go bag), and its all contained..across the room anyways. Now onto tables. Thats my weakness, if it has a flat surface EVERYTHING gets piled onto it, I don't think Ive seen the coffee table in months. Last I saw the diningroom table, it had a puzzle that was put away for the computer (that I'm on right now), and the side tables are loaded with books and dust catchers. Then I keep coming home with more crap. Why? Because the thrift store is full of enablers. I so much as look at something for more than 2 seconds they try and sell it to me. Luckily, a bunch left this weekend (goodies for mumsie) but otherwise, I'm stuck with 3 bags left to go back. And what am I doing now? Wasting my day online, it sucks you in. Webcomics and Ravelry are my biggest downfalls, what are yours? What makes you sit on your bum all day and stare at the screen? Ugh..on the knitting front, finally got the yarn ordered and delivered for a hat requested months ago. Problem? Knit Picks didnt have red. Plain red. So I substituted with something that looked close enough. Get it here and its not. Luckily, the red only takes up a small part of the top so I have time to replace it! Now if I could just find the needles..which I think are in another hat...

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