Monday, January 9, 2012

Clancy's Hershey Kiss

So coffee mitt did NOT turn out as planned, need to fiddle and redo it (ugh, still not enthused) but in the meantime, I have a cute little cat toy for you! My mil's cat likes to steal Kisses because of the shiny wrappers which irritates her chocoholic mother to no end. So she asked if I could make him a toy to distract him. I owed the poor guy new toy mice seeing as his were (very) ratty and I hadn't gotten around to digging out supplies yet, I figured I'd do this. Ravelry search turned up nada for knitters. I could have glitched my way through a crochet pattern but what about my fellow chicks with sticks? Those who can't or won't crochet? Not happening, says I. Remember, the patterns offered on this blog are free to gift, keep, or charity donate but please don't sell them. If you aren't friendly with the needles, I will be making more and selling them on Chivalry Isn't Dead. It turns out to be about 4" high with about a 3" base and looks like a garlic knob but you know what? who cares!

You will need:

  • Size 5 dpn (set of 4)
  • Stuffing
  • Caron Christmas Glitter yarn (worsted) - since been discontinued but there are plenty of glitter yarns out there. Can't find on you like? Check out embroidery floss, they have shiny kinds, and hold both the floss and yarn of your choice together throughout. Aiming to test it with Moonlight Mohair too, I'll let you know how that works.
  • Small amounts of novelty yarn in white (I used Lion Brand Fun Fur) if you're making it as a cat toy. For a person you can stitch on a bit of ribbon, a strip of felt, or just crochet/knit a chain/icord
  • darning needle
  • stitch marker (yes that thing that keeps getting in the way)
Assembled your gear? Here's what you need to know how to do:

  • kfb -increasing by knitting into the front and back of your stitch (i specify because some patterns dont and you're left to wonder if its this sort or a m1 increase)
  • how to use dpn
  • k2tog decrease
Got all that? Let's get started!

Instructions are written for each needle, repeat the row on each needle (easier to keep track)

Cast on 3 stitches, divide on your needles (1 on each, yes its tricky but hold on) and join.
Rnd 1: kfb,
Rnd 2: kfb, k1
Rnd 3: kfb, k1, kfb
Rnd 4: kfb, k4
Rnd 5: kfb, k2, kfb, k2
Rnd 6: kfb, k3
Rnd 7: kfb, k4
Rnd 8: kfb, k5
Rnd 9. kfb, k6 - 16 stitches on each needle

Hard part is over! It does get a little squishy with all those increase, this is what it looks like spread out over extra needles:

Pretty right?

Now you get to work even for 4 rnds (takes the stress off those increases)

Dec rnds:

Rnd 1: k 6, k2tog
Rnds 2 and 3: k
Rnd 4: k 5, k2tog
Rnds 5 and 6: k

See where this is going?

When your opening starts looking small enough to keep stuffing in, start poking it in. Otherwise you'll be at the end and need to use a needle to jab it in (like I did). You can always add more as you decrease but having the bulk of it in there first makes it easier.
Keep working till you reach 3 stitches left, one on each needle (yes, again, but its easier this time, promise)
Work one round on those three stitches (I knitted one, stabbed the needle into the kiss to hold it, then went to the next needle. Told you it was easier)
Cut yarn, draw through your stitches (where that darning needle comes in handy) and fasten off. With a little scrunching and shaping, you have a garlic knob! Er, I mean kiss!

Now if you want it to be for your furry overlord (if you are a cat owner, you know), run a length of novelty yarn through the top and knot it tightly. You can either braid it with the remaining tail or do what I did and leave it loose. I confess, I tucked my end in before I thought of that but you can learn from my blunder. Otherwise, you can attach your ribbon or whatnot or just leave it plain. Give it to your kitty and watch him ignore it. Leave it plain and give it to your diehard Twilight lover as sparkly vampire repellent.

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