Monday, January 2, 2012

Project: Lag

Working on a coffee mug cozy (there are at least 11 pages on Ravelry and those are just the knit ones but bear with me) and I finally got one that is working. Problem? I'm becoming unenthusiastic about my own design. Awful isn't it? It's turning out, a few minor tweaks, but it's just becoming a chore to finish it before posting (you'd like a picture to go with it wouldn't you?). Maybe it's a case of the winter blahs. It's being made in the yarn that was closest to me when I started brainstorming which is a cream shade so that might be my problem. I want to make a plain one I can add motifs to as well but that will have to be knit bottom up (which is a bit intimidating). Those I can sell on etsy (don't know the shop? Chivalry Isn't Dead please look us up!) But I can at least remedy a problem that bothered me with quite a few of the other patterns. I get coffee mugs come in lots of shapes and sizes, but when I was repeatedly told "average size mug" I got a bit frustrated. I measured 3 average mugs, 2 were 10" one was 11" and thats not including the skinnier ones or the novelty shapes. There was one that featured 3 button holes for tapered mugs but it left that extra bit hanging if you didnt the extra room. And I wanted it more for a handled mug than a to-go cup. I still might test it for my oddly shaped owl mug (perfect for that mocha nom fix). Some were just odd, I don't need a fuzzy bunny shaped one, nor do I need a Twilight themed on (my feelings on glittery blood suckers aside here). So, in the end I decided to make one and add instructions for all 3 sizes (I measured a few other mugs and found a few 9" ones lurking). This still doesn't help my current predicament, design blahs. I keep getting in a few more rows between facebook games and blog sentences but it needs to be going a bit more before I can even jury rig it to a mug for photo ops. So maybe I should post so I can get knitting? Yeah I don't believe me either. My sluggishness aside, the mitt isnt a hard or bad knit, I'm just getting into a lull. Post as soon as I'm finished!

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