Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Second Look at Yarn

Finally making a hat for Dan. Using the Tricolored Stocking Cap pattern from Hip To Knit (yeah, I didn't make the title mkay?), I started out yesterday dreading the venture. Which really wasn't fair, it wasn't the patterns fault I made the first with cotton blend. Heavy, droopy, saggy, cotton blend that took forever to finish. Hubs loved that hat, claimed it immediately and is still wearing it. Dan wanted one too, so after looking at the original and finding yarn that actually works WITH the pattern, I cast on. All 128 sts in damn dk weight yarn. Knit Picks Swish DK to be precise. When they showed up in the mail, I was disappointed. I'd heard it was soft (for wool) but the balls were a bit rough, not something I'd use for baby projects like some had. Too late to turn, I kept going. Imagine my shock when I got a few inches of ribbing in (the massive amount of ribbing make you want to stab it but it's worth it) how the yarn became different. It was actually soft, you could still feel it was wool but it was an improvement to be sure. Now I'm running into a different worry, running out. You need 5" of the first colour and Adding up the amounts needed, 3 different balls should have had enough yardage. With 2" left to go, I'm starting to doubt I'll get there. It isnt a big deal, I just make up the difference with the other colour but its the principal of the matter. And the fact that Hubs deserves a decent replacement and I'd like to use the same kind of yarn. My other projects are on hiatus at the moment till I crank this out (seeing as its waaaaay overdue) so I'm trying to rush this. Tomorrow is the start of another busy week however, lets see what I can get done >.<

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