Sunday, May 22, 2011

Swimming on Tides of Shame

It's swim suit season! Now normally like 75% of women and 95% of moms those words make me cringe and reach for the muumuu. Not this year. I found not only one, but two suits that fit (not in a size that I like to advertise, but they run small). Granted they are in awful floral prints. Why anyone over a size 6 should be seen in flowers the size of a grapefruit is beyond me. But anyways they fit and because I got them at one of the local thrift stores (with tags and sanitary sticker still on),  they were a steal. Like $50 worth of suits for under $5. That alone is enough to get me to wear it, but it gets better. I got a coverup with giant pockets for a quarter. That is actually long enough. Thrilled beyond what I should be considering what I actually look like but you know what, who cares. I'm getting in to help my Bug swim. Ohhh on other awesome news we got a new car! Ok, not new new but new to us. I wanna drive it!! :D I'll post pics of our new Lilu car

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