Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chair Booties

Yes, you read that title right. I'm making chair booties. A woman my mother works with asked me to replace some she has. Of course I agree, after all they couldnt be much worse than baby booties right? Yeah, they aren't all that difficult to make (especially with no pattern), but she needs 24 of them. No rush, but 24 booties. I think I'd just buy a darn rug. I swore I had a pattern (saw one on rav and thought I saved it) but turns out I did not. Luckily, she gave me one of her damaged ones to show me what exactly I was making.

 Easy peasy, so here I am knitting booties while playing that time consuming game zynga calls Castleville. Don't start it, stay away, it will suck your soul. Anywho, looking again at the pattern, it uses sock yarn. I sadly don't own that much sock yarn, and plus I want mine to stand up to a bit more wear and tear. So, dear readers, you get the benefit of having my chair bootie pattern using (bum bum BUM!) ACRYLIC YARN! Yes, that horrid stuff just about everyone has lurking in their stash (I have oodles because a) its washable b) its durable and c) its cheap). Perfect for this project right? Right. So, here we go:

You will need:

Small amounts of Red Heart acrylic yarn (any colour will do obviously, it's all your preference)
Size 4dpn (gage really isnt crucial here, just needs to make a nice tight fabric that fits around your chair leg)
Darning needle (just for weaving in ends and whatnot)

Cast on 21 sts

Work in k2, p1 rib for however long you want (mines about 2 1/4)

Next rnd: K1, k2tog; rep around
Next rnd: K
Next rnd: K2tog; rep around
Next rnd: K

Cut yarn, draw through remaining stitches and fasten off. Weave in ends.

Voila, you have a chair bootie!

Make 3 more if you don't want your one chair leg to feel different.

it's a little scrunched in due to the rib, but it fits my chair perfectly

bottom view
chair bootie in action! dark action, but its a black chair leg

If you want to make it a bit more durable (and I aim to attempt this) you can crochet a small circle to stuff inside the bottom of the bootie. Any colour is fine because nobody but you will see it. Secure it with a few stitches (thats why I made mine a bit taller than the original). Let me know how it works!

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