Friday, September 21, 2012

Coziest Kindle

My mother gave me a kindle (yes, I'm all for my actual books, but i cant knit and read a paperback), but she  didn't have anything for it. To protect it, I've been lugging it in its box when I hunt for free wi-fi connections. My purse, while large, isn't quite that spacious at the moment. After a trip to Michael's for some hat yarn, I found a pretty skein of Loops & Threads Impeccable I liked. It wasn't my first choice, I spent a good 10 minutes fondling the yarns, but it was on sale and something I could use for multiple projects. Now anyone who's looked at ereaders or tablets knows the problem is all the different sizes. I snagged a few from Ravelry, but none of them were sized to what I had (or they had charts and my printer is currently out of ink lol). After doing some looking, it turned out I had the 4th generation kindle, also known as the kindle. Specific, huh? But I specify for you, dear reader, because so many didn't. I apologize ahead of time, this is a picture heavy post, but it helps to see what I'm babbling about.

To make this, I use a technique called double knitting. It sounds daunting as all get, but it really isnt too hard. This link shows you how to do it with 2 colours, and also right side out, but the way I learned was to make catnip bunnies. Lets get started, shall we?

You will need:

  • Size 6 (4.0mm) straight needles, plus 2 spare dpns
  • Loops & Threads Impeccable (shown in Earth) or any worsted with an 18st/24row ball band gage (Im horrid with gages arent i?)
  • 2 buttons
  • darning needle
  • coordinating thread/needle to attach buttons
  • small amount of ribbon (optional, I'll explain at the end)
Cast on 42 stitches (on the straight needles, the dpns are used later)
Row 1: k1, sl 1 purl wise
repeat row 1 till desired length, in my case about 6 1/2" 
Yep, thats all there is to it to make this a pouch with no seam at the bottom. You'll notice you are making it inside out, isn't that clever?

You can see the slipped stitches with the varigated yarn, neat to watch it grow 

Keep working that same row till its the size of your kindle


Now take your dpns, and hold them both in your right hand, your left hand will be holding your needle with the live stitches on it. This is where the sides are split to make the pouch. I suggest sewing in that cast on tail now, before it gets flipped otherwise you'll have to flip and flop again.
All you need to do is alternate the stitches back and forth, feeding them onto the dpns.

And here's your pouch! Push it inside out to see how pretty it is

yes, I slipped it in to make sure all my hard work paid off

If you just want a pouch, here's where you stop. Just bind off all your sts and you are ready to go. You can add a button and crochet chain a loop for it or leave it open. If you want a flap, continue on (like a choose your own adventure thing huh?)


Bind off 21 stitches, starting with whichever end your yarn starts
first few sts are a bit awkward, but it gets easier

see? halfway there!
omnomnom pouch

This is the end of the dps, you're going to be working on your straight needles again (just work off that one dpn and set it aside after). 

Keeping the 3 sts on either end in garter, middle in st st,  work back and forth in rows for 1 1/2" 
Buttonhole row:
k5, k2tog, yo, k7, yo, skpsso, k5
Next row: k3, p to last 3, k3.

Continue for another 2-4 rows (all depends on your buttons, big buttons give them more room. small ones, less).
Work 3 rows in knit, bind off (gives you 2 garter rows for an edge). Weave in your end. Attach buttons.

Now if you were like me, and made part after the buttonholes too long, and it started to curl a touch, this is where the ribbon comes in handy. Take a small piece, long enough to edge the flap with raw edges folded in, and pin it to the wrong side. Sew it with matching thread. Or if you arent happy with your hand sewing (like me, im terrible) you can always give it a quick run through a sewing machine.

And thats it! Would it have been faster to make it on dps? Probably. But I hate sewing that bottom seam. My pouchies use a bottom seam, but thats because they need the support. This is just to keep it from getting banged up in commute :)

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