Sunday, January 4, 2015

Frosty Vox Box review

Obnoxious post for product review, I'll get some yarny posts up soon promise!
All products were sent complimentary for testing and reviewing purposes by their respective companies and

So, to start with we have Fruit Vines Bites made by Red Vines. I was sent the strawberry flavoured ones, I'm presuming they are competition with twizzler? Now I'm a diehard twizzler fan, I call for dibs on these suckers every halloween (and I'm the only one who eats them so I don't get to share yay!). Scent wise, they smell like those strawberry candies in the foil, you know those weird ones that just appeared? Taste wise is similar, chewier than twizzlers, and I get to pull the little bits apart into mini logs. They shall sustain me through my typing, mostly because I have no will power and I feed my depression whatever the hell it wants. #SweetSide

Next up, we have a sample of the No7 Protect & Perfect Intense ADVANCED serum, This I have yet to try, mostly because RBF prevents most wrinkles, but I have seen quite a few commercials for it. And to be honest? It looks like it holds up to it's promises. Price wise, the Intense version retails for about $30, which by anti wrinkle creams is on the low to standard price range. The regular ADVANCED serum is about $23. I'll get back to you on how it feels. I've had some that feel like I'm globbing cold cream all over myself and it's very smothering. #GetADVANCED

Onto the McCormick Gourmet Thyme, came in a lovely glass bottle that I am excited to reuse (I don't cook, so you can see why I'm not inspired by it). Aside from making a tired pun about spilling it and having too much thyme on my hands, I'm going to have to leave it at that. Kitchen is Hubs department, I'll have him give it a whirl. McCormick has never let me down, however, so I don't expect to have much if any negative comments about this. #McCormickGourmet

Wrapping up the nom portion of this review is the Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Decaf Green Tea (good gracious, try saying that on a constant basis). I like CS teas, always have. They have decent flavours (don't all blend together), big fan of their zingers line. Mostly I like the artwork on the boxes, I'm one of those that does base things off appearances. There are two packets in the package, which is fun. Sometimes the second cup gives you different feelings than the first. Smells very minty without smelling like toothpaste, always a good thing. #CelestialTea

EcoTools sent a hair brush, I have some products of theirs, also a bag that I love but thats besides the point. The brush is a finisher brush, designed to help with blow drying. My hair is very anti anything. Style, hair dryer, brushing, product. It's only when faced with way below zero temps that I will use a dryer (hair DOES break off at those temps, that is not a myth). My old brush is on the verge of death, however, so being the badass that I am, I'm using as a regular brush. I know, I know say it ain't so. First thought: it really catches every hair Second thought: frizz central. Next day hair, and I'm sporting a halo. So probably not good for curls/waves/possessed by The Elder Gods hair. The brush itself isn't bad, light weight, handle was a good size for gripping while tackling rat nest infestations, just bristles and myself don't agree. #LoveMyEcoHairbrush

NYC was in on this box and included a tube of their expert last lipstick. I'm a chapstick kind of girl, I tend to chew off lipstick or get it all over like a clueless crown. Lip stains are my makeup of choice. But NYC isn't a bad brand (especially if you aren't going to get a lot of use from it, not plunking down $8 for something I'll use twice). and the shade they chose was one I'd use. Goes on smooth, doesn't smell funny, and I have shimmery lips on my otherwise unmade face. #SugarPlum

Rimmel was always involved, and after my last box I have to say I LOVE Rimmel. This time I was given Scandal Eyes eyeliner and eye makeup remover. I'm terrible at remembering to take off my makeup, mostly because I never remember to buy any and have to resort to baby wipes (remember that next time you want to avoid waking up looking like a panda). There is a smell to it, but it isn't stinky. Next time I doll myself up, I'm going to town. The liner is waterproof, problem is my eyes are not liner friendly. It ALWAYS rubs/wear off, even the liquid stuff doesn't stay on where it should. But I have a wedding to go to this year, along with a graduation so I will be putting it to the ugly cry test. When they invent a makeup that covers that blotchy skin after crying, someone give me a heads up, k? #Rimmel

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