Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lacking In Knitting

I am quite ashamed to say I have let my knitting languish. It's not that I don't have anything that needs doing (which I do), it's just that I've been out and about instead. Spring has been hitting us here (granted on an occational day basis) so I have been outside enjoying the air (and lack of snowbanks). Went for a walk today (4 miles and I am not feeling any pain, go me!), and a decent picture was actually taken of me. Along with some pics of huge kitty feet prints and geese. Granted my housework suffered, dishes undone, laundry unwashed, rug not vacuumed, library book overdue. But you know what, it worked out wonderfully anyways. It's a place where I could sit and knit, but then again it was best for some earthy hand spun which I am sadly lacking. I have been making some requested projects, like toy kitty mice and some cowls to use some stash yarn. But otherwise, nothing major. I did however make a leprechaun 'trap'. Crochet/knitted bed, crochet pot of gold and all. I went all out, glitter glued to the point my wrist hurt. Hopefully I find some time to knit, at least something I need to make. Ever notice when it becomes a project, it becomes more a chore than fun? Oh well, next post will be about said project: Dave the Travelling Minion!

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