Saturday, September 10, 2011

Summer passing by

So depressing, it's september already and it's been such a busy summer that it hasn't even been enjoyable. Instead I get to start "relaxing" when I send Bug off the second grade. Not fair, she shouldnt be allowed to grow anymore. At least she didn't have a ridiculous school supply list. I was talking with some other moms (different states) and one woman needed graph paper. In kindergarten. In the meantime I'm starting some new knitting projects, some as requests some for fun. A friend of mine is expcting in october so I'm trying to make some baby things for her but they arent working all too quickly. Another friend has a friend whos expecting and requested some owl rattles. The pattern works out fairly well, but it requires a dowl and gives no size for it. Very frustrating. My sister requested secret santa gifts so I'm working on slipper patterns (without too much success either). While wandering around our farmers market my daughter noticed some crocheted spider wristers and requested them, so theres something else on the to do list! On the plus side, once I figure those out I'll post a pattern for them. I want to make them in child to adult sizes. Another (hopefull) pattern will be a collar for Halloween. Bug wants to be a black cat and needs accessories like any spoiled feline. You've all been so patient for new patterns havent you? :) I'm hoping to branch out into cross stitch patterns as well of some *ahem* adult slogans. Some are family friendly, but others are more for childless friends. So many plans! Maybe I should get moving, huh? I'll post a picture of the cross stitch I made for my anniversary. Hubs is a HUGE star wars fanboy, and an idea for this has been kicking around my head for a month or so prior to the date. I managed to get this done in 2 days (one late night). I cut a piece much larger than I needed, simply because I wasn't sure of a frame size (I had to buy one that day). Soon, hopefully, I can get a clear chart put up on here for you, seeing as my pencil and paper one leaves much to be desired.

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