Thursday, September 29, 2011

Penny Pinching

I'm a garage sale queen, thrift store haunter, bargain bin rummager at heart. I hate paying for things, not because I'm cheap, but because I hate the idea of spending so much for things. I was volunteering at a thrift store today (mostly because I was dumb and didn't pay attention to the date, I need to go monthly woops), and I pitched in with the weekly pulling. Stayed an extra few just to help out and cover my mistake. It just so happened that I scored big time. Baby clothes for my brother-in-law's future baby (gender unknown, she's only a few weeks along), a friends baby (just had a girl at the crack of dawn this morning, squee!!), and odds and ends for myself. I also picked up a bag of yarn that had been stuffed into a bag. I glanced at it, noticing a few labels and was pleased to see Lion Brand on there. 5$ and it was mine, 10$ total for all my goodies. At home, unloaded, I got to delve into my purchases. Here's a shot of what I got:

Excuse my washer (and the cardboard box) but I had to make sure everything was in view. Yes, that is 2 balls of Noro Kureyon in the front. Full balls, same dye lot. I also have 4 balls of Red Heart Soft Yarn, 3 balls of Lion Brand Mystery, 3 Wool-Ease, 2 Lion Cotton, 1 Cotton Ease, 1 Baby Wool, 1 Microspun, and one ball of Moda Dia novelty yarn. And what I suspect is Red Heart Baby acrylic. I was stunned and amazed, I want to write the the biggest thank you in the world to whomever donated this. The Noro alone is $8.95 at Jimmy Beans Wool. Today, was a very good day.

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