Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Great Purge

Fed up with how things are running in this house, I decided to clean/winter shift everything today. Bug's table had to be moved away from the heater (along with too many toys that need to be sorted again). Dust needed to be swept, couch needed to be fixed, rug needs vacuuming, windows need different curtains, etc etc, Doing fairly well, still have one window and the rug to attend to, when i notice Bugs heater isnt working. Now I know for a fact the others are working. Her's is usually the only one on upstairs because of how well it works. So looks like tomorrow I get to put in a work order for them to bleed the sucker. Which also means, you guessed it, more cleaning. I have (to put it nicely) a lived in house. Theres dirty laundry in the basket by the washer, dishes in the sink (sometimes counter and stove as well depending on the week we've had), blankets tossed instead of folded, and knitting EVERYWHERE. People know what to expect when they come over (and if they don't like it, theres the door), But these guys are here to fix stuff and I don't like the idea of near strangers having gossip fodder. I know them by first name, but other than that? Nothing else. So instead of relaxing on the couch recovering from an allergy riddled weekend (yesterday was bad, I couldnt even make dinner I was sneezing so badly), I'm scrubbing out corners. (Yes, Dear Reader, I know I'm blogging instead of cleaning. Shouldnt you be doing some chores instead of reading? Hmm?) Before I discovered the heating fluke, I decided to put away those patterns I've pulled out and never did anything more with them. You've done it, I'm sure. Intend to make something only to realize a) you didnt want to make it b) you dont have the right yarn/ingredients or c) last time you tried it, it turned out like crud. I've been pretty good at keeping my downloaded patterns limited (ok not that limited, I'm no minimalist), but the hard copies hadn't had a good culling in ages. So you guessed it, out came all the binders. Even the cross stitch wasnt spared. I had a whole pile of patterns that weren't of any further use to me. Now, what to do with them all? I could have pulled ever (stupid) staple out of them and recycled them. I've done that before with patterns that just werent working out right. But this was a sizeable stack. Including those "Take me I'm free!" things you see in the yarn aisles. Whats a tree hugger to do? Donate. Yep, they will be heading to one of my local thrift shops in hope that someone else can make them part of their pattern stash. I even thinned out a bit of yarn. So proud of myself, and yes this was after i brought home that last bag so its as bad as it was before. I'm proud of myself for letting things go, even though I loved them for a while. I'm trying to avoid being on one of those Hoarder shows honestly, bit scary thinking the same thing they were saying as to why they had so much stuff. In other news, back to the gym tomorrow! I've been pretty set on going three days a week, even though weve only been averaging 2. Off all summer and those aches really set in. I do have to say, I love dropping Bug off at school in yoga pants like some of the other moms but unlike them I have a reason to wear them that morning. And I show up in jeans that afternoon, not in the same pants (now food sprinkled), I'm not hating on people who have a reason (like any kid under a certain age at home) but if I can haul myself up and get dressed, you can too. Also, working on my Christmas knitting, way behind (especially when I need to make a granny square blanket) but seeing as our gift giving list is minimal, I think I can do it.

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