Friday, October 28, 2011

Bah Humbug Halloween

For whatever reason, this year I have not been feeling the Halloween vibe. Last year it was a kinda, but the last minute I got into the swing of things. This year, nothing. Last minute finishing costume touches for the kid. Knitted a tail last night for the parade today. I want to make some hand mitts for her with pads for fun too. I've seen adult ones but not in kid sizes. Rest assured, once I get things settled I'll be posting patterns for you. I'd like to make some dress up tails, horses, unicorns, dogs, cats etc. I just feel so very blah and unmotivated. I think because this has been such a busy month, it's killed a lot of the excitement. We didn't even get a pumpkin. I'm ready to toss the decorations back into the closet till next year already. My knitting is hitting road block after road block. I try something, it doesnt turn out and it gets frogged. I try something else and it goes to hell again. I have this itch to create but it's all going to hell. Luckily some things are still going ok, small things, but it's enough to keep me knitting. Oh and you now can find some of my handmade goodies along with an awesome chickie's unique postings on facebook and Etsy! Please become a fan of Chivalry Isn't Dead at the following links:

Chivalry Isn't Dead Etsy Shoppe

Chivalry Isn't Dead on facebook

It would mean so much if you would browse, share with your friends and family and purchase from an independent, small town crafter for the holidays. That will support the economy far more than mass purchases done in a large store. We care about each of  our customers. The joy that my friend had when she made her first sale was wonderful to see. Share that joy with the other great crafters on :)

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