Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Keep It Simple

I was in the grocery store, telling my husband I wanted a fall coat (something between hoodie and parka). But I didn't buy one at the thrift store because they were 5$. He looked at me, completely astounded, and said "you cheap bitch" and laughed like hell. I meant it, spending that much on a used coat is something I dreaded. Still dread because I have yet to buy that coat. It sounds silly I know, but I'd rather put that money towards something we really need. Sneakers for the two funny footed family members, laundry soap (almost cheaper buying new clothes), good toilet paper that doesn't moonlight as sand paper. Is that a bad thing? I certainly didn't think so. I can spend 10$ and come out of there with 4 big bags of goodies. I take it to mean that I'd rather spend a little and enjoy the things I have. Because I'm wired wrong, I spend the walk to get Bug thinking up a list of simple and cheap things I enjoy. And because I'm REALLY weird, I'm posting it publicly.
  1. Twizzlers (I ate some on the way there)
  2. Laundry dried on the clothesline
  3. Clean sheets after a shower
  4. Warm toes
  5. Hearing that little sigh when you know a kid is deeply asleep
  6. Seeing that someone made your project on Ravelry
  7. Watching Scrubbing Bubble commercials
  8. Rereading a book you've read a dozen times before and enjoying it more
  9. New fuzzy hoodies
  10. Plushy blankets
  11. Mozzarella sticks at a bargain that taste good
  12. Pulling on your best fitting pair of pants to find they are too loose for you to comfortably wear
Not much of a list but to be fair I was watching traffic, eating Twizzlers, and it was only a 15 min walk :)

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