Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mini Purses

(not my hand, the giftee took this picture because I of course forgot to save any)

I made these for a secret santa gift and they were so popular while I was making them, I decided to post them. I'd seen some ideas similar to what I was making online but they were intended as keychains. These could be, with a sturdier handle, but they we're originally intended for ornaments. My daughter recently requested two for her new Monster High dolls so they'd work perfectly for that as well. This uses scraps of worsted (I knit loose) but gage really isn't important so a dk or aran could be substituted with minimal fuss.

I used
  • size 4 dpn (set of 4)
  • assorted novelty yarn
  • buttons
  • thread to match your yarn colour
  • darning needle for kitchener stitch
now don't panic over the kitchener, its a minimal amount of it and its optional. You could also do 3 needle bind off or regular bind off and stitch it shut after. Kitchener just leaves no outside seam. Two different types of yarn were used, Caron Simply Soft and Red Heart Supersaver. Because they have two different gages, they require 2 different cast on amounts to get the same appoximate size of the purse. Do you have to strictly follow that? No, of couse not. Thats the beauty of it! But for those who like myself who knit loose, I co 24 sts in Caron and 21 in Red Heart. Divide to work in the round, join, and knit for about 1" or however large you want your purse to be. Split them on 2 needles for your kitchener stitch (or bind off if thats your preference), the Red Heart will throw you off with that extra stitch, I just drew the yarn through it and tied it off anyways. Tada you have a thing! Now here is where you can get creative: handles For one, I chose the main yarn and two strands of novelty and braided them. Knotted through the sides of the purse, I added a few stitches with the needle to secure them. Another, I knotted them like one of those spiral friendship bracelets we made back in the day (I still make them). Added beads while I was knotting for a decorative effect. For the other, I braided that as well but with 2 main and one novelty. The colours of mine were based off the tastes of the recepient, but they can be customized for anyone. The button was sewn on the front of the purse, with a loop threaded around from the back and knotted inside (next time I make some, I'll photograph what I mean. Stuff your ends in the purse and thats it! (yes, no weaving in ends, yay!!) Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

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