Sunday, November 17, 2013

Knits for Others

This is how knitters (and crocheters) are.

Also, how unfair is it that spellcheck doesn't recognize crocheters but lets knitters slide in?

Back on topic,

My sister texted me after I sent her a photo of my finished Booze Shark (next post will be photos, promise. They just aren't on my laptop). She said if I was bored, could I look up some cute baby sweater patterns for her. Newborn to wee baby sized, January due date means baby needs warm stuff.  That was all the information I was given, so I went with it. Found her 14 freebie patterns and shipped them off to her (thank you dropbox, awesome thing to look into, cereal). I decided to whip out a few things of my own for her. Mind you, I don't know this person. No name, what she looks like, or even if my sister personally knows her or is doing this for a friend. And yet here I am, working on a sweater in between typing and browsing patterns for hats and booties (even if the baby never wears them, they are cute as hell). That is how fiber artists work. We make for others, even if we never see them. We give out of our stashes, out of our day, out of our lives for these projects. Whether it be for charity, benefits, hospitals, shelters for people or animals, we do this. Another knitting friend of hers chipped in some completed hats she had sitting around and I'm sure if she gets the time, there will be more warm items piling up. This is why I love other yarn people. When I knit in public, I almost always hear from a fellow knitter (or crocheter) about what they are working on. And nine times out of 10, it's something for someone else. So please, next time someone gifts you a handmade item that may not be your cup of tea, please thank them. Wear it once or twice, even if its just for photos. They put a lot of effort into it, even if they say otherwise. Time is something we never get back, we can always buy more yarn, make that sweater again. But the time is never reclaimed. And with the holiday season approaching, consider buying local items. You will be helping someone provide for their own family.

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