Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Now with Pictures!

As promised, a photo update.

Booze Shark!
Stolen by Hubs and requested in pink by my sister, he turned out cute. Made the fin a bit too far forward to put the laser beam on his head. But I do like that he fits on a can of soda too. 

In other news, my darling sister enlisted me in helping provide little gifts for a unit who will be overseas for the holidays (as if I don't have enough to make, right?). I tried making a granny square mini stocking but it just was NOT working out. Looked more like pac man than a stocking. I'll figure out what I'm doing wrong later, in the meantime I'm working on a knit version. Short row heel, which I am horrid at, but it didn't turn out too bad for the first one. I can fine tune it for the second. I have until thanksgiving to make 12-15 of these (hoping for a more accurate number soon). So of course, instead of knitting I'm blogging. 

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