Monday, May 14, 2012

Mom Jeans

This seems to be a mom thing. We are either at that point where we have 3 pairs of pants and are constantly washing them, or we have just enough to get through and stop looking at clearance racks for our size because the kid(s) outgrowing everything again. I'm currently on the first right now, halfway between sizes so anything I buy of either or does NOT fit (and yes, cry like a baby while struggling to either peel them off my calves or watching them puddle between the knees). I'm looking at the slowly shredding material and thinking "I just bought these!" and remember, I bought them last year. We had a little extra from the paycheck, I had just torn out my 2 best fitting pairs of pants (yep, year old then too but I wore them daily) and he took me shopping. Full price shopping no less, because I found nothing at the thrift store. I hated it. I hated spending that much money on something when I knew it could stretch so much more on the kids clothes, on cleaning supplies, on groceries, on anything and everything else BUT me. I've reached that point again, and I'm getting very dismal about it. I'm stuck digging out pants that are too loose but wearable, pants that mean i cant sit down for an hour because they need to stretch out again. I'm stuck looking like that person you see walking down the sidewalk thinking to yourself "why doesnt she buy something that fits?". Now you know why. And it honestly tends to be a mom thing. My mother will sooner buy herself a new shirt and shoes instead of pants. Why? One pair of pants will match 3-6 of her shirts and shoes. She will wear them till they are air conditioned (torn out in the thighs, back pockets, all that area). She won't go out and buy a new pair unless she desperately is in need of them. So, I started bringing some from the thrift store (it wasn't something we were really doing, dad was and is a brand name everything man). Now I get requests from her. Its comforting to know that I can help someone out with mom pants, even if it isnt myself. Maybe thats what it takes, someone else to bull us into getting pants when we need them despite us protesting every step of the way. Till then, I'm suffering with my pants, please ignore me if I'm stuck wearing gym pants one day because we all needed socks and underpants again (thats something else that falls under mom jean catagory). I'm well aware those pants are better suited for someone half my buttcheek size, but until you take me shopping, stfu.

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