Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Updated Lifestyle

I feel like I've ignored this poor blog. These past few months have just flown by and I swear someone has been taking days out of my week. What doesnt help? How many interruptions a week can have. I house sit for my parents when they go out of town and that includes doggie sitting. Its mind numbingly simple to do, they know what they do all day all they need is food, water, and poop scooping (the inside one is more attention needful but the hellspawn takes care of that). Otherwise I'm bored to tears. Knitting time right? Wrong, I'm at that bordom threshold where nothing seems interesting. Add the health walks. I know you've seen them, community walks that want people to raise money or donate for such and such a cause, great idea. I did the heart walk with my sister (did we ever look classy, plaid pj pants and red shirts woohoo). Now the breast cancer walk, which again is a great cause. I have no objections to doing them, it's fun. I get sibling time (there wasnt a lot of that growing up, I was an absolute pest) and I get to see how many people are willing to come together for, in some cases, perfect strangers. Now I bought a small ball of Patons Cotton DK at the thrift store, of course I went on Ravelry to check projects. I discovered a few were used to make Tit Bits which is something I've had lurking in my pattern folder. While these are not for everyone, it might bring a smile to the face of someone whos faced down cancer. The notes Beryl Tsang wrote are touching, giggle worthy, and seem to embrace what most survivors seem to be. Maybe knitting for a cause can get me back on track, I need to fine tune that coffee cup cozy and the ugly hat needs finishing (along with countless other things). Hopefully more patterns soon! Unless I get distracted..then yeah...SQUIRREL!

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