Thursday, May 17, 2012

Short end of the hook?

A friend asked me to look for a pattern for her, shed had no luck and her computer hates her at the moment (got news for everyone, mines not too fond of me). So i started hunting through crochet, and im astounded by the vest patterns. They look so happy in them but they look terrible! Some of those I havent seen since Blossom aired. I mean a vest isnt the greatest item of clothing ever made but still that doesnt mean it has to be a shame to wear! I've gone through the knitted vests (looking for costume ideas) and while there were some bad ones, there werent anywhere near as many as there were for crochet. The question is why? There are some totally cute crochet items out there, why cant they make a good vest? Looking at the tops, i see so many I want (i cant do much beyond a granny square) but its just the vest that are bad...i guess its to outweigh the knitted blankets?

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