Monday, July 22, 2013

Pirates, ahoy!

Ren fest soon, yay! Working on some last minute accessories to complete the pirate wench look (that will be inaccurate anyways, but who cares). For you purists, yes I know that pirates and renaissance do not go together. However, our fair has a Pirate Invasion Weekend just for fun. Currently trying to work on a mug holder (one that slips over your belt and holds a tankard) that matches my outfit. Ok, not match, but at least look ok. No luck on rav, so guess what? Making one! Using Patons SWS, it is discontinued, but I'm going to test it in other yarns. I know this felts well and I need something sturdy. If I have time (haha, time. whats that?), I want to make my mug cozy to match  my outfit, especially as that will be more visible. But for now, start small. I forgot how much frogging is involved in "creating" a project, even for one as wee as this. Really puts a damper on things, but I will finish it! Some of you might wonder why I don't just purchase one there. And I might do that anyways (the leather shop down there is heavenly). But I'd like to wear the mug in, I might be tempted to bash a rude patron if I were carrying it. When (no if, damnit!) it is finished, I will post instructables :) Whats on your needles?

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