Monday, October 21, 2013

Project Update

Every time I start a post lately, I keep promising to update more. And I fail miserably. So today, I skip that. I know myself better than that. Summer has been insanely busy, things have only settled down once school started and even that isn't all that settled. With those "core standards" being thrown at kids, we've had to buckle down on everything. I'm tired and frustrated, the kid is tired and frustrated, and between the two of us we are feeling defeated. Luckily, the teachers are on our side and are doing their best to help. Like parties at the end of the month if the kids have been well behaved. This month we are doing THE BIG PROJECT, which I believe there will be two in the year. We either have to construct a long house or a wigwam. That sucker is a test grade project, luckily we are fairly crafty people and have some decent supplies on hand. Except for glue. Of all things, we have little to no glue. Not even a single glue stick. Gah! Luckily, we won't "need" that for a little while longer, much more needs doing before then.

In other news, I've been knitting! Imagine that? I've been working on things to sell, and things to use up yarn, and things just for the fun of it. Making christmas gifts as well, made a cute little kitty hat (need to post a pic, I will), and making a second one for the offspring. She wanted a pink one, but I have some leftover yarn from my hornless unicorn hat so I'm using that up. With a red bow and the "hello" button, she can be a sparkly kitty! Also working on her sea witch costume, it isn't really knit friendly but I only need to make arm thingies and gloves. Possibly a crown or a head dress, which I'm sure I can work yarn into. I forgot to post my hornless unicorn hat, didn't I? I really need to remedy that, at least so you know I wasn't a total slacker.

They arent the greatest photos, but they still show the colours off nicely. The white is a sparkly white, Lion Brand Thick and Quick in Celebration. After posting for some debate, a horn was decided to be too much with such a striking mane. If it was all solid, a horn would have been ideal.

What else have I done? I finished those armwarmers that I was too cheap to pay for! They've worked out splendidly at the computer and under hoodies on cold days (I really need to invest in a midweight coat)

This is pre end weaving keep in mind. The colours didn't exactly match up, which was ok. I'm not that much of a stickler, but I would have liked to have a matching set. Solids for my next one. I attached buttons, not very well, but they are on there. Need to get a photo, I thought I had one but my IG says no. 

Hopefully, I'll have more yarn goodness for my next post. If you are on ravelry, you can always creep my projects! PriestessRaven  easy to find, picture is of a fairy. 

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