Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring sprung! And fell flat on its face..

Project Updates:

  • Ugly hat is at a standstill
  • Baby blanket may never be finished, I realized why I never knitted one before. Crochet is so much faster!
  • Yoga socks are moving along speedily, amazing how quick it goes with no toe decrease or heel flaps
  • I am in serious need of dishcloths but I hate making them. I've churned out so many that I'm bored with the pattern. Luckily my mother toils away at them so I can always exchange new yarn for finished work if needed

In other news, spring seems to  be springing! Although that means all the ghetto fab neighbors are letting their spawns out of their sight once again. My neighbors being no exception (2 boys I'd say ages 5 and 3? Maybe 5 and 4). I've asked them twice now to stop banging on my porch railing, a third may require a cattle prod for them and wine for me. And because the height difference makes for a natural activity table, they have been playing with the bits of mud and flecks of bark from the banging sticks. Jokes on them, I'll sweep it off later and rake the yard tomorrow! Mwuahahahaa! Yeah, that didn't require a really evil laugh. The ones on the other side are old enough to know better but the door slamming and shouting get old reeeeeal fast. Ugh, especially after a weekend where the only noise were dogs barking. Tomorrow is monday which means school for these urchins, small consolation when I still have to suffer a few hours. Whiny bitch today, aren't I? I blame it on the lack of chocolate in the house.

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