Sunday, February 6, 2011

Anti Kitty

I don't like cats. I don't mind cats, some people have had some very nice ones. Personally I don't want one. Or have any desire to have one. They are indifferent at best, nasty at worst, and poop in a box while expecting you to clean it up. You are your cats slave and they know it. I really don't like the cats around here. Why you ask (like anyone reads this but I'm humoring myself here)? Because the nasty rotten furballs STINK! They spray all over my rug, door, porch, rock salt, flower pots, shovel, rake, whatever happens to be out there. Again, why me? Because the neighbors had a cat (who knows what happened now) and instead of doing to proper thing of taking it to the spca when they didn't want it, they tossed it outside. Nature happened and she got pregnant. She hung around MY door yowling btw the entire time she was in heat. And while she was pregnant, 9 times out of 10 she was outside. Meowing at my door, laying in my windows (outside sill), and because she was a she, all the males in the neighbor hood took to staking out claims to her. She had a baby (there were complications and had to go to the vet, I suspect poor diet and probably being kicked caused it), they kept kicking her out and leaving the baby inside. Or the kids carried around the baby outside. Weeks old, btw. No clue what happened to that cat either. But mommy still lurks around my damn door. I tried shooing her towards their door, she got halfway and bolted back to my door and ran off the porch (again, I suspect kicking). Still stinks out there because they so kindly hosed down my bag of rocksalt, and the snow that gets the treatment gets tracked in on our boots. You guessed it, smell get onto the floors. Mop, mop, mop. One clever little snot managed to get his stench inside the outside door and onto the main door. I had to wash that off, plus the other door, plus the porch. In winter, I can only do the inside, I try scrubbing outside and its frozen. So I have a nice puddle of kitty poo (one cat was sick and had seepage, seen it around. Things feral too, won't let you near it) on my porch because the little fiend was laying on my rug. Can't wash it because otherwise I have an ice patch right where you step. So we step over it and try to pound snow onto it while counting down till spring. Why I'm a dog person.

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