Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bulky Ribbed Scarf

This is almost insanely simple, but I've made lots of these and they've been very popular. Perfect for men and woman (all depends on the colour you choose), and if you add fringe, you can make a personalized creation.

You will need:

  • Size 11 needles (short lengths are perfect, considering the small number of stitches)
  • Red Heart Light and Lofty yarn (2 balls, although you might be fine with one, I've never sat down with a skein before. I used these bags of odd sized balls I nabbed from the thrift store)
  • Alternate yarn (yarn used in the pictures) Lion Brand Homespun or Holiday Homespun 2 balls (again, unsure but better safe than sorry, right?) I used "Holly"
Cast on 13 stitches.
Row 1: Knit 1, purl one, rep to end of row, ending with a k 1
Row 2: Purl 1, knit one, rep to end of row, ending with a p 1

Rep these two rows for about 82" or until they are long enough for you. Bind off in rib. Weave in ends and bundle up!

please ignore the scissors and laundry soap, my washer has the best light for photgraphs lol

As soon as I can dig up some pics, I'll show off the Phoenix Rising version I did of this, same scarf just added some fringe to make it like tail feathers. My sister snagged the one I had just finished so I barely had time for pictures. Again, insanely simple, but please don't sell :) Charity knitting is ALWAYS acceptable, please post where your work was donated so we might bask in the good deed!

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