Sunday, February 6, 2011

Technology Hates Me

Go to boot up the desktop and the mouse decided it didnt want to all. So I get down, wiggle it thinking maybe it came loose. Nope, instead the computer restarts. I touched nothing else. Mind you this is after the floppy drive decides to cop out (Yes, still has a floppy drive. And yes I still have floppy disks. Shut up.), one of the cd drives has a motor die, and its fried a usb storage thingy. So while waiting for the silly thing to start up (again) I come back to the kitchen, where I'm working on a pair of mittens (Bella's Mittens by Mariellle Henault) on my worktable/photography setup/washing machine, and try looking at my phone where I'm browsing the news. It glitches and restarts because I missed a call. Seriously? The stove didn't like me yesterday and scorched lunch and the pan (I'm no great cook by any stretch of the imagination, but tuna helper?) so the house smelled like blackened fish all day. Small wonder the cats kept sniffing around the door. (save that one for another blog). And every time I go to type on this thing after pausing to do a few more stitches (or a round, whats a round or two between typing?) it wants to start typing halfway back through. Or it tries bringing up some file I don't want! Grr. This is why I don't play games, like WoW or any console games. I'd find some way to either fry the sucker or bring down a server somewhere. Before you scoff, I washed my last mp3 player in a load of jeans.

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