Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why Children Are Our Future

Yes, cliche, but this actually made me tear up. After a long involved day, we went to get hubby's W2's from his old work (a bakery). We had just gotten Bug from school and she's been having a rough couple of days. Acting out, growing like a weed, having one of her little boyfriends move away (she has several and a few husbands as well), all the typical kid stuff. She always used to get a cookie when we went there (she was little and cute so they used to gift her one), so this time I bought her a muffin. A giant chocolate chip muffin. Got home, finally got dinner, and all that fun stuff that involves coming home. She got half her muffin. Hubby said he wanted a snack, something chocolate but we didn't have anything. Just speculating, one of us probably would have gotten shoes on and tromped down to the store. We thought she wasn't paying attention, engrossed in *shudder* Spongebob. She looks over at her father and offers the other half of her muffin. And meant it. She got up with me and took the plate back out to her father without a hint of regret over offering. Some days this kid does things that make me feel like we're doing something right. And funny enough, she hasn't ruined it yet.

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  1. You are doing something right. You and Will are phenomenal parents. You understand that children need discipline and to be taught. And Willow is living proof of this. I am so very proud of the both of you for stepping up to the challenge of parenthood when it was presented to you and for taking the reigns and doing such a wonderful job.. Love you guys so much !!