Monday, February 7, 2011

New Setup

Finally got around to rearranging the blog to my liking, I had a post written up, tried posting a picture of my wip and it refused to load. Then it glitched and erased my blog-in-waiting. Grr.. Stupid thing. Anyways, still checking out gadgets, I like my fish (click and feed them!!) but I'm nosy and curious as to what else is offered. Linked my first pattern to Ravelry, really excited to see it favourited and queued! Need to work on getting a few more up there, my creativity is stirring. I have a baby hat, I just need to dig out the By Me notebook I wrote them all down in. PDF files are easier, I know, but I"m clueless as to working with them. I can open, close, save, delete and thats my limit. In the meantime while my laundry is NOT getting done, nor are my dishes, I'm looking for (whate else) more stuff on Ravelry to make. I'm trying to limit my queue to things I have the yarn for but some stuff I can't help but click. At least I don't have to watch hubby play Dragon Age (origins for all you curious readers that exist in my imagination). And besides, maybe I can cadge some more yarn funding out of him while he's distracted by the eternal debate: Gore Setting-On or Off?

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